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  • Why do I have a PDF instead of the new web experience? Users who received results  before August 26th, 2020 will find a link to a PDF in their accounts with archival information for urgent breeding needs while we perform major system updates. Users with archival PDFs will be transitioned to the new web experience—which includes traits, genetic disorders, and genetic diversity—in early 2021.

  • When will printable reports be available? The Technical Report feature is now available! Visit the Summary page within your results and click ‘Download Technical Report’ to access your printable report.

  • What happened to my dog’s Genetic Diversity information? Since 2010, preserving and monitoring diversity has been a fundamental part of our breeder products. We’ve redesigned diversity reporting to make it as user-friendly as possible for all breeders, and to make it available in the new web experience.

  • Where are the Genetic Relationships graphs? We are exploring new and better ways to convey the information found in the Genetic Relationships graphs (also known as the MDS graphs); for the time being, they will not be available.

  • I need to submit results to OFA. How do I do that? Technical Reports, which are printable, are now available in the Summary page of your results. You may access any reports that were available before August 26th via PDF, and these reports can be submitted to OFA.

  • What happened to the Breeder Tool? To provide better support and improve the experience of all customers, we’re consolidating all products onto the same web platform. Due to the technical complexity of supporting the Breeder Tool for our large breeder base, it will not be available in the immediate future. We are exploring ways to bring this functionality to our users in future updates and will keep you apprised as more information is available. 

  • When will I be able to share my dog’s results? We’re working on new features to help you share your results and expect to launch this functionality in early 2021.

  • I’m a breeder or affiliated with a breed association. Is there a discount code available to me at this time? Yes. We will continue to honor existing discounts for clubs that use Optimal Selection™ or MyDogDNA™. Multi-kit discounts are available for all breed product purchases of six (6) kits or more.

  • How can I purchase a prcd-PRA and/or CEA add-on test? Customers receiving the new web experience will automatically receive prcd-PRA and Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) results at no additional charge. Customers with archival PDF reports have the choice to either wait to be upgraded to the new web experience (expected 2021) or retest for this information.